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All You Need To Know About Fashion Trends in 2022

We hear about fashion shows and fashion runways…but how many of us actually get to experience an event such as those?

Honest corner: not many of us, unless we are living the bustling lifestyle up in NYC or sipping cafe au lait on the streets of Paris. It may sound dreamy but with dreams, we need reality. And the reality is…not many of us reading this right now are able to attend fashion shows.

What are we trying to really share?

Staying up-to-trend with the latest fashion must-haves and upcoming styles is not as easy as we thought. 

So the team at Brave Original Designs did a little background research for ya…a little dig into all the excitement that 2022 holds in the fashion industry just for our fellow followers to make sure you don’t feel behind once the new year comes. 

Top 5 Fashion Trends To Watch Out For In 2022:

      1. Cut Out The Negative In Your Life 


Cut outs made an appearance in 2021…and it looks like they are here to stay. Especially in dresses. These simple, yet intimate designs to your clothing pieces show a lil skin and show a lil class simultaneously.

       2. Strong Core, Strong Mind


We don’t need abs to feel confident. We don’t even need to “look” a certain way to be our best selves. With the “Ab Fab” trend emerging in 2022 with bandeau style tops and high waisted bottoms, we are heading into the new year with a different attitude. Strengthen our core to strengthen our mind  – and wear chic tops to show off your confidence.

      3. We’re Walking On Sunshine


And when we say sunshine, we mean ALL shades of the luminous yellow. The trending color of 2022 is not just yellow but lemon, buttercup, banana, and daffodil. Channel your brightest light through this sassy color and remember that you are in control of styling it to fit you in ways that make you feel your best!

      4. This is gonna be just like junior high, except more fun!


Mini skirts are here and yes, plaid is back. The look of the short-short skirt and school girl look is calling all names, all body sizes. Let’s get back to our old school days and channel our strongest Elle Woods to make it “funner”.

      5. Sparklin’ into the NY and never stop.


That’s right. Our favorite holiday to dress up in as many sparkly sequin dresses is here to STAY for 2022. With everyone slowly coming back to what used to be “normal”, dressing up to go out is BACK baby, and we are obsessed!

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What 2022 trend are you most excited about? We can’t seem to pick one but we want to hear what you have to say about what is coming in the new year. And never forget – despite the sparkles, bright yellow and mini skirts, having plenty of simple basics in your closest is a must. Get yours today at Brave Original Designs by clicking here!