In a World Full of Followers, Be a Brave Original

In a World Full of Followers, Be a Brave Original

Now, more than ever, it is difficult to stand out as an eCommerce brand. Anyone can set up an online store and start selling stuff. The Internet is swarming with noise, chatter, and the ongoing pressure to get more and more followers. People idolize influencers that they see on social media, and finding someone that is different or original, is a difficult task. 

As a small business, we know how difficult it can be to be a brave original person, business, and human being. 

That's why, we are sharing some of our top ways to be a brave, original YOU!

1. Take time to figure out who you are. Brainstorm the things you enjoy doing, and what types of activities and people give you the most energy. Do more of this, and less of the other 'stuff.'

2. Take a break from social media. It is hard to be an original design when you are constantly seeing, and being pressured into, being like everyone else! Social media paints a false portrayal into people's lives. It is merely a snapshot of someone's life, not the whole picture.

3. What does it mean to you to be a brave original? Does it mean a complete shift in your paradigms, in completely re-thinking everything you've ever learned? For many of us with COVID, that is exactly what happened. You are allowed to be, do, and say whatever you would like.

4. Step out in boldness and bravery. Between school, careers, kids, and societal pressures, it is hard to break the ideals of what's "allowed" and "accepted" in our society. Stepping out in your original designed life will feel so empowering and amazing. 

What will you do today to be an original design?

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