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P.O.S. Mom

It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Florida and I’m feeling like an absolute P.O.S. mom. My daughter is driving me absolutely nuts. Not because she is doing anything annoying, or, not any more than usual. It’s because I have things to do– very important things. You know, fix the issues on my website, write this blog post, make sure the social media is all prepped and planned for the next couple weeks, make sure my influencers have what they need to help us market our clothing, get an update from the grant lady, and on and on.

This is also not abnormal for a Sunday for me. So why is today any different? Today I feel guilty. Today I feel like I don’t do enough for my business, I don’t do enough for my daughter, I don’t do enough for myself, and I don’t do enough for my day job. Granted, yes, I am a single mom (un-wed woman, as the church likes to lovingly refer to us). Bottom line– I carry all the stuff by myself.

When I started this business in January 2021, it seemed daunting. I took small steps, one at a time, and finally have a sense that we are making progress– although I have absolutely nothing to deliver to the customers yet. I’ve had to innovate and find different ways to get funding, to get product out the door, and to get our first release prepared. 

In the first 7 months of the company, I’ve lost relationships, valuable people, our original manufacturing partner. It has been tough and everyday I question what’s coming next. I think the good thing is, I’ve always lived like the other shoe is going to fall, so when something “bad” does happen, I pick my head up and push through. 

All of this is to say, I think a lot of moms probably feel like this. Even if you aren’t starting your own business, I’m sure there is a level of guilt between wanting to have a career, wanting to raise a kid, wanting to take care of a home. Throw post-COVID windfall on top of that, and we’ve kind of set up for failure. 

How do I go forward from here, I ask myself? First of all, I give myself a break. I have my daughter 100% of the time, and I still work a full time job, so it is absolutely inevitable that I will have to work at some point when she is asking me to play– there is no way around it. So I get creative– I take her to the pool to hang out and swim with the neighborhood kids while I frantically type away on my keyboard trying to get it all done. 

Next, I write my top few tasks that I want to get done today. I’ll plan to work until I’m sick of it, then hang it up and pick it up again tomorrow in my ‘spare’ time. I read a great quote recently that said, “You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.” I think of that everyday now when I’m trying to juggle all the things– and it gives me some relief that I can accept that I literally can’t do everything. I would LOVE to do everything, but it is humanly impossible. 

Now I ask you to be a little forgiving of yourself. It’s easy to tell you, “Oh, don’t feel guilty about working and not spending time with your kid”– when I’m feeling the same way! So I’ll leave you with this: priorities can change everyday, every minute. It’s not set in stone. Maybe today you want to focus on your work, maybe tomorrow you’ll want to focus on your kid. And all of that’s okay. Let’s just be gentle with ourselves!

Until next time,

Jill xoxo