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Sustainability in the Fashion World: Behind Our Designs

The world is in crisis– global warming, political turmoil, and oh, we are going through a global pandemic. Maybe you have heard the term “sustainable” manufacturing, but what does that really mean? According to, sustainable is defined as “able to be maintained or kept going.”

How is our clothing manufactured?

We have partnered with Urth Manufacturing, an organization based out of California that manufactures clothes in Italy and Peru. They are partnering with a local university in Peru to determine a process to recycle plastic into yarn “without the harmful by-products of today’s methods,” providing a truly sustainable form of recycled polyester.

Urth is also working on eliminating the cloth dyeing process, one of the most harmful processes, by growing cotton in the color of what the fabrics should be—all done naturally without all the harmful and toxic dyes.

Where does BOD fit in?

Our goal is to create sustainable clothing that lasts for years and minimizes the impact on the environment. As the owner of Brave Original Designs, I care about the future of this world because I have a daughter I’ll be leaving behind one day– I would like to leave it a place where she (and her generation and generations to come!) can live in a healthy way.

Brave Original Designs and Urth Apparel both feel that creating quality clothing is critical to reducing waste. What good does it do to buy new clothes if the zipper breaks on them after you use them 5 times? Unlike other manufacturing organizations, Urth is not a “sweatshop” but instead a team-first organization that offers:

  •  a singular manufacturing shift, rather than having people work around the clock,
  • training opportunities,
  • and profit-sharing to all levels of the organization, from the hand sewer to the specialty cutter

The Bottomline

We are proud to partner with Urth and hope you will stand with us in purchasing clothing from Brave Original Designs (BOD) that is sustainable and made of recycled fabrics. We should try to do our part to leave this world a little better than we found it.

In addition to the partnership with Urth Manufacturing, Brave Original Designs is identifying ways in which we could collect and reduce, recycle, reuse clothing that our customers may otherwise discard.

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