Workplace Fashion After COVID – Brave Original Designs

Workplace Fashion After COVID

After at least a year of working from home, people are rethinking workplace attire. Many of us spent a year  jumping on zoom calls wearing pajamas from the waist down, while fighting off children popping their little heads into the background of our video calls.

Where boxy, form-fitting, and restrictive clothing were always accepted as the “norm” in the workplace, people are starting to push back and question those norms. Rather than drab blues, grays, and blacks, people are seeking out mood-boosting bright and bold colors, along with floral and playful designs. 

Now that employees have proven they can be just as productive at home wearing their pajamas, and we have broken the boundaries between work and home, the need for formal business attire is no longer as relevant. Supervisors have already seen the innermost secrecy and chaos of homelife, and a relaxed dress code does not seem so far away.

Additionally, the COVID lockdown brought on a new emphasis on sustainability and being eco-friendly– increasing the demand for thrift store purchases. 

Here at Brave Original Designs, we plan to offer exactly what consumers are looking for. This includes relaxed workplace attire, made sustainably, and a soon-to-be online thrift exchange. We look forward to sharing our custom designs and thrift store finds with you! Subscribe to our BOD squad email newsletter to stay up to date on our releases and news updates!